February 25 to March 2, 2019
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Godwin Abotsi

Sweet Africa Dance Ensemble
Godwin Abotsi is a traditional dancer from the Volta region in Ghana, West Africa who specializes in the ten regional dances of Ghana. As a premier dancer whose craft has taken him all over Ghana and
beyond, Godwin uses his expertise in traditional Ghanaian dance and music to effectively teach students of all levels about the beauty of African sounds and rhythms. Godwin began his career at the age of 10 when he was selected for a pilot community-based arts program directed by the National Commission on Culture in his community of Mamobi in Accra. Since then, he has worked and collaborated with several groups in Ghana and abroad. He has also traveled to Austria, Germany, South Africa, and South Korea to pursue his craft. Godwin Abotsi also loves working with children and has worked at various K-12 schools in Ghana. Mr. Abotsi offers dance performances, workshops, and private lessons in Ghanaian traditional dance forms and teaches a variety of rhythmic styles for both sacred and social dances. He has also developed Sweet AfroAerobics, an aerobic exercise routine that takes place to the beat of drums. Godwin enjoys giving back to his community and fund raises to promote educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in Ghana. For more information, please email him or call him at (970)646-8209.