February 25 to March 2, 2019
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Kyle James Hauser

The Music District
Artist Development
Fort Collins, Colorado
As a successful songwriter and performing musician, I am truly passionate about all things music. I love networking and connecting creative people with the professionals who can help them develop both their artistic talents and their business. Whether developing music programs, teaching musicians of all levels, or performing, I firmly believe in the transformative power of music for individuals and communities.


○ Community Building: With a wide network of musicians, managers, venues, and promoters throughout Colorado and nationally, I excel in creating communities that promote music education and performance.

○ Music Education and Instruction: From teaching with Berklee Online to private instruction for musicians of all levels, I am committed to helping the next generation of musicians to grow their talents.

○ Composition and Performance: Since 2011, I have been writing music and touring both as a solo artist and with the group Rapidgrass. I have written songs that have been featured in film and on television, including the upcoming release of “The Big Sick” directed by Judd Aptow.

○ Consulting for Professional Musicians: Giving back is a large part of who I am, and towards this end, I have consulted with many professional musicians on songwriting, production, licensing and copywriting, and running a professional music act.

I was fortunate enough to have excellent music education and support in my growth and journey as a musician, and I am deeply committed to providing the same for others. No matter the task, I bring my full creative and mental energy to keeping music alive in our world.